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partnered with dansonn

FRONT180 is a talent management & consulting agency for today's artists, brands, and creators. In collaboration with Dansonn, FRONT180 will provide all members of with monthly 1-on-1 mentorship calls to advise members on building their brands, marketing their music, and monetizing their work.

Past Clients


1. Schedule a Call

Log in to your member account and fill out the contact form below to schedule a call once a month. 

2. Talk to Us

In your intro call, we will review your work and outline a plan to move forward. From branding to monetization, we will work together to create your gameplan and work towards it every month.

3. Follow-Up

Even though the calls are once a month, we'll still be in contact. You can e-mail us any follow-up questions at anytime.

Learn How To

Build Your Brand

Learn how to develop your artist brand - from a musical, visual, and business perspective. We will advise you on creating a strong and relevant brand in line with today's climate.

Market Your Music

From release schedules to promotion strategies, we will help you develop a plan to increase the number of listeners for your music.

Optimize Social Media

Social media is the key to independent artist growth. Learn how to optimize your social media tags, descriptions, and more.

Distribute Your Music

Music accessibility is everything in the digital world, so learning best practices for distribution is a must.We'll advise you on distribution methods to have your music available to everyone.

Monetize Your Music

There are more opportunities than ever to monetize your music - the hard part is learning where to start. From streaming revenue to gigs, learn how to maximize your revenue.


jv square

Joseph Vincent

Recording Artist

“Kevyn (of Front180) has always been my go to guy. He’s extremely dependable, punctual, and organized especially when it comes to project development and execution. Kevyn will always be my number 1 choice because he’s always such a pleasure to be a round and consistently delivers top notch services.”

Schedule 1-on-1 Call

Each call will be a 20 minute, 1-on-1 phone call with Front180. Calls are limited to one per month. Please prepare any questions you may have prior to your call.

Receive Song Feedback

Receive feedback on your song or beat from Dansonn and team. All song critiques will cover songwriting, flow, delivery, and overall sound quality. Critiques will be e-mailed within 5 business days upon submission.

To Schedule 1-on-1 Call and Receive Song Feedback