New Website Launch | Artist Memberships and More!


After 7 years of licensing beats worldwide to artists and companies, the all new takes the artist experience to the next level with Artist Memberships. The membership streamlines the creative artist process from providing beats to promoting the finished product. The immersive experience allows members to download new beats every week, access to exclusive contests, receive 1-on-1 feedback on music, and promote their work. Read more about the membership features below.

Weekly Beats
Members will be able to download the 15 latest beats by Dansonn and partnered producers. With new beats rotated in every week, members will have access to a catalog that is constantly updated and features other talented, upcoming producers. Remember to download the beats when they come out – they will only be downloadable for a few weeks!

Starting with our launch contest in a few weeks, we will be hosting new contests nearly every other month. We want to provide our members with opportunities to share their music and challenge them creatively. From cash prizes to studio gears, we will be offering a wide array of contest prizes to bring out the best in our members.

Song Critique
Constructive feedback is one of the most important aspects to an artist’s growth, which is why we introduced song critiques. Each member will be able to send new music at anytime to have critiqued by Dansonn and other reviewers. We strive to give you the personalized feedback critical to your growth as an artist.

Similarly to why we created contests, we wanted to provide promotional opportunities to help share the music of talented, upcoming artists. Promotions include sharing member songs on Dansonn’s social networks (over 170,000 followers) and other partnered networks.